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Society for Open Inquiry in Behavioral Science

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We are scholars and practitioners in the behavioral sciences committed to free inquiry and truth seeking.  In healthy scientific fields, ideas are debunked rather than censored, and their proponents are debated rather than punished.  Increasingly, orthodoxies, sociopolitical dogmas, and ideological norms have captured the behavioral sciences, skewing research, practice, and policy work.  We are dedicated to maintaining open inquiry, civil debate, and rigorous standards in the behavioral sciences.

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The Journal of Open Inquiry in Behavioral Science (JOIBS)

JOIBS is the journal of the Society for Open Inquiry in Behavioral Science. The Society is committed to free inquiry and rigorous standards. It is a forum for intellectual exchange and dissemination of empirically-based scholarship in any area of behavioral science, broadly construed. It allows post-publication peer commentary. Unsolicited manuscripts may be submitted at any time. JOIBS only publishes empirical papers and commentaries on those empirical papers. For more information, click here.

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Announcements / News

Founding Member Steven Pinker promotes open inquiry:

Pinker vs. the AAAS on the Politicization of Climate Change -- and Science in General
            By Jerry Coyne, Why Evolution is True
Before You Cancel Your Subscription to Science Magazine.  Is a Harvard psychologist persuading its editors to be reasonable?
            By James Freeman, Wall Street Journal


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Membership is free and open to anyone who shares our commitment to open inquiry in behavioral science.  To respect the privacy of our members, our membership roster is not made public.

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Featured Founding Members

SOIBS members include many eminent academics, scientists, practitioners, and public intellectuals.  We feature some of these members here on a periodic rotating basis.


Steven Pinker


Roy F. Baumeister


Leda Cosmides

lee-jussim 2.jpg

Lee Jussim


Richard E. Redding

George Yancey.jpg

George Yancey

Michael Shermer.png

Michael Shermer

Salley Satel.jpeg

Sally Satel

Vernon Smith.jfif

Vernon Smith

Elizabeth Loftus.jfif

Elizabeth Loftus

Richard McNally.jfif

Richard McNally

john McWhorter.jpg

John McWhorter

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